Solidaridad con los niños


Atrocities have been happening at the border for many years, but this year, a series of horrific new policies and legal changes have created a humanitarian crisis.  Currently, thousands of immigrant children are still being held in US custody away from their families, and although the family separation policy ended on June 20th, whole families are being detained together at alarming rates. A good many of those being interned are kids.

Solidaridad con los niños.
We stand in solidarity with the kids.

Join the Caravans to the kids internment camps and related sites

Muchas gracias por su solidaridad con los niños!
Thank you very much for your solidarity with the kids who have been interned.

We are not an official organization, just women and womens’ accomplices organizing to bring comfort to these kids and get them out of the internment camps, stop the internments, and also get the kids who have been separated back with their families as soon as possible. Please join in solidarity with the kids!  

Also, as we visit sites where separated kids are being held, we are learning more and more about other migrant kids who have been quietly held in prison-like orphanages around the country run by private groups.  We are very concerned for the safety and well-being of these kids and hope to start a national conversation about their care.

This is an omni-partisan call to action.  Anyone can stand in solidarity with the kids.

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