Solidaridad con los Ninos

Yesterday’s Meeting & Upcoming Organizing and Actions

On June 19th, a group of us met in Berkeley in Hayley’s yard to come up with strategies, and we also came up with this name for ourselves.  

We are Solidaridad con los niños / Solidarity with the Kids, a group of women and women’s accomplices from all walks of life and ages that aims to support the undocumented children who have been separated from their families and are alone seeking love and warmth before they find their parents again.

This blog post highlights the voices and strategies that came together as part of the June 19th meeting.  Thank you everyone who brought your energy and amazing ideas!! We will meet again next Tuesday!

Caravaning out to the Kids Internment Camps

Many of us are ready to caravan out to the camps.  We will leave July 1st.  Any location can become a caravan meeting point.

  • A Caravan will depart from Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists (1924 Cedar St) on Sunday July 1st at after the Sunday Service (around 1pm).  
    • If you come at 10:30am you can attend the Sunday Service and connect with the members of BFUU so they can wish you well before you head out!  (Plus maybe they will let us speak as part of their service??)
  • To add a caravan meeting time/location to the list, please email Hayley (

Things we will do once we reach the internment camps:

  • Sing lullabies en mass in Spanish and English and also Latin American Regional Dialects.  
  • Broadcast recordings of lullabies in Spanish and English on loudspeakers.
  • Carry empty strollers – let’s show everyone that folks are ready to take the kids out of the camps and back to their families!!
  • Attempt to deliver toys and books in Spanish to the kids!!
  • Light candles, hold signs, hold vigils
  • Sing-ins, pray-ins, teach-ins
  • Hold constant pressure with our physical presence upon the powers that be to release these kids, return them to their families, and end this heinous policy!
  • Note: After some consideration, we won’t be doing any “cry-ins” or things that might upset the kids.  We are there to be a comforting presence: to do all we can to show them they are loved & to keep the pressure on for their release.  


  • If you would like to donate to help fund the Berkeley caravan (gas money, supplies for banners, sponsorship so extra people can go, etc), Cynthia has offered to help collect and distro funds.  She is doing so through the Golden Gate Chapter of Code Pink–they have 501c3 status so you can get a tax write off and all that. To donate please contact Cynthia Papermaster at 510-365-1500,

Would you like to plan another caravan?

  • We can list your meeting place/time on our website so people can find you.  Also let us know how people can donate to fund your caravan’s expenses.  Send email to Hayley (
  • Do the caravans have to leave July 1st?  No, you can leave at any time. But July 1st is great cuz it’s a Sunday, so you can meet someplace with a Sunday service and leave together in the caravan after the service ends (around 1pm).  Also, connecting with a Sunday-service-type group can be a good way to build publicity, plus maybe the service leader will let you speak as part of their service on July 1st? That’s why we thought Sunday is a good day.
  • Where to go?  We’ve started compiling a list of the kids internment camps on our website here:  Please help us grow this list!!

Help get toys and blankets to the kids

You donate toys, books in Spanish, and letters of encouragement for the caravans to bring to the kids!

Even if you can’t make it out to the camps, you can show your support by donating a stuffed animal, Spanish-language children’s books with loving notes inside, or a cozy blanket you’ve knitted. We don’t know if we’ll be able to get these comforting items inside to the children, but we are going to try.

Donation project coordinator: Cynthia Papermaster
Contact her at:, 510-365-1500

This project is being put together in solidarity with Codepink Women for Peace, Golden Gate Chapter. Here is a solidarity statement from this group:

Codepink Women for Peace, Golden Gate Chapter is joining Solidaridad Con Los Niños to show love and care to children separated from their parents and being detained in camps. Codepink is collecting stuffed animals, Spanish-language children’s books with loving notes inside, and cozy blankets for the children. We don’t know if we’ll be able to get these comforting items inside to the children, but we are going to try. Drop off your contributions at 1907 McGee Ave., near Hearst, in the large basket inside my front porch. You may contact me at  RISE, LOVE, RESIST!

Lullaby Project

Would you like to record a lullaby in English and Spanish or another Latin American Langauge?

Even if you can’t join the caravans out to the internment camps, we ask for your help in bringing a little ray of sunshine to the children’s lives by singing a Spanish or English lullaby and sharing this song for the children in show of solidarity.  Other Latin American languages are great too.  Please use the hashtag #songs4ninos. We hope to bring attention to our children by showing them that we are here for them and to remind them of the power and beauty of song with the hope that they will hear our echoes until they reunite with their loved ones. We thank you for using your voice to speak to those in power with the hope your unique music and words will show us a bridge to what unites us all. Do you remember the first lullaby that was sung to you? How did it make you feel? For Miss L, her first lullaby came from her aunt in Guatemala. It was called “El Señor don gato” / “Mr. Cat.” And this was sung to her aunt by her grandmother. Let’s show our kids that we care. Let’s remember our own childhood and the comfort that we felt. The kids need us. Remember, we are all they have. Thank you for your solidarity! Muchas gracias por su solidaridad! 

Lullaby project coordinator: Miss L
Contact her at:

Please post your recording on a public video-sharing website (like YouTube) and please share it using the hashtag #songs4ninos so folks can find it easily.

  • Your recording will help those going to the camps to learn these song before they go!
  • Your recording may even be put on a loudspeaker directly outside the camps so the kids will hear it and know people on the outside care about them.

If possible, Miss L would love it if links to song recordings could be posted on this facebook page.

Bring a stuffed animal, empty stroller, or lullaby to Saturday’s Rally

This Saturday (June 23) from 10-11:30, the Woman’s March people are holding a rally in SF about this issue at One Ferry Building. It would be amazing if you and your group could learn a lullaby in Spanish to sing together for this event! Also, bring a stuffed animal or empty stroller.  After the speakers wrap up at ~11:30, we will meet in front of the Hyatt to take photos with the animals near the Salidaridad con los Ninos banner.

Event Details about the Rally:

Help us make a banner for Saturday

Cynthia is working to find someone to help us make a banner that says “Solidaridad con los niños” on it for Saturday morning’s rally in SF.

Please contact Cynthia to volunteer for this project:, 510-365-1500

Theatre Action Outside the Federal Building

Holly Harwood is organizing a special action here in the Bay Area.  I don’t want to give too many spoilers, but it may involve the arrest of the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus by clown ICE agents….!!  Please contact Holly to learn more or become involved as a performer!!

Virgin Mary Gets Detained Project Organizer: Holly Harwood
Contact her at:

If you would like to organize a street theatre project, please sent a short description plus your contact info to Hayley (

Call your representatives

KO from S. Berkeley says:

‘Lately, every morning I take a couple of minutes to call my elected representatives. I give my name and zip code and city say whether I voted for them or not, and then I might say something like, “Oh, couldn’t sleep last night because I am so upset about the separation of families seeking asylum here. I hope you are doing everything you can to stop this separation of families.”

If you live in Alameda County, these are your reps:
Barbara Lee 202-225-2661 – always an intern/human answers! They are your conduit, be nice to them!
Kamala Harris 202-224-3553 – so far, always a long telephone directory and chance to leave a message or wait till the end of the recording to speak to a human who is always busy with other callers and please call back.
Mark deSaulnier- 202-225-2095 – rep for Contra Costa County, usually has a human taking messages

Email ranks lowest points, letters highest, but are held for ‘security’ up to a month, so a phone call is ranked in’s kind of a realtime game where your comments earn an issue ‘points’ which determine if the issue is worthy of their time. Hence my daily short phone calls.


Join the Solidaridad con los ninos email list to stay in the loop. Also, forward this email to your friends!!

Come to next week’s meeting in Berkeley.  Or hosting it!  We are still looking for a location for our meeting on Thursday the 26th, 6-9pm.  Here is a link to the event page on facebook.

We have a blog now where you can catch the latest on these projects as they unfold.  It is live here:

 Other local events this week

Thursday June 21

  • 6-7pm.  El Cerrito, CA. Please come protest against taking children from parents happening at border.  6-7pm.  Near the Daiso Store.  7000 El Cerrito Plaza.  No specific group is planning this – just show up with your passion and maybe bring a sign!!

Friday June 22

Saturday June 23

Tuesday June 26

  • 6-9pm.  Solidaridad con los niños to meet again in Berkeley.  Facebook event page: We are still looking for a location to host this event.  If you can host, please contact Hayley (


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