It’s Friday June 22 and here’s what’s up!

Hi everyone!

Cynathia went out to walk her puppie dog last night and was thrilled to discover some founds had left some toys, notes, and books and for the interned kids on her porch!  cynthiasporch1What a loving gift!

cynthia's porch2

We will do our best to get the toys to the kids when we caravan out to where they are being held on July 1st!

To learn more about how to donate toys and books.  To learn more about how to join a caravan to the kids internment camps.

Also, Miss L the Library Lady has been working hard to organize #songs4ninos.  You can record yourself singing a song or lullaby in Spanish or a Latin American language to show love and solidarity with the kids interned through song!

Also, yesterday Miss L’s friends in Guatemala sent us a video in solidarity with the interned kids.  warning: THIS VIDEO WILL MAKE YOU SMILE!!!


(if the video isn’t loading, here is the direct link)

Also, tomorrow, Saturday the 23th, there will be a big rally in San Francisco in front of the Ferry Building (1 Ferry Building, SF) from 10am-11:30am.  Here is the event page for that rally.

Please bring a stuffed animal to the rally and meet at ~11:30 (after the speakers are done) for a photo shoot! Ardys is working on a banner for us that says “Solidaridad con los Niños.”  Let’s show we are there in solidarity with the kids interned!


Also, there’s now two caravans leaving from the Berkeley/SF area.  Learn more here: Caravans.

More to come,



Solidaridad con los niños

Solidarity with the kids


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