Timeline and Events Planned for Opposing Actions

Hello ladies and ladies’ allies,

Gosh this is hard to write. Is this really happening?

Atrocities have been happening at the border for decades, but this.  This is something else entirely.

Take a moment and absorb the timeline:

  • Feb 27, 2018 – a supreme court ruling changed the law so immigrant detainees may be held indefinitely without bail (source: NPR)
  • May 7th, 2018 – the administration enacts a “zero tolerance policy” for those attempting to immigrate and seek asylum without paperwork, meaning all are arrested and held (source: NPR)
  • June 20th, 2018 – the child-separation policy is ended, so families are being mass-interned together. (source: NY Times)

Today.  Right now:

  • As of right now, between 1000-1500 people are being detained and interned each day.  Many of those being interned are children. (source: NPR)
  • US Military Bases are currently being set up as prison camps in anticipation of a rapid mass incarceration. (sources: NYTimes, Time, etc)
  • There is no infrastructure in place to reunite the children with their families who were separated from them between May 7th-June 20th, 2018. (source: NPRNew York Magazine)
  • A number of corporations are profiting off of the internment (too many to list here), and it would seem many NGOs are making a huge amount of money from it as well. (Sources: Local PBS, USA today, The Daily Beast)

Last Tuesday, a group of ladies meet in a Berkeley backyard to discus this situation.  We are meeting again on Tuesday the 26th. Please, join us.  We will meet at Jennywinks’ House at 1907 McGee in Berkeley from 6-9pm. Here is the facebook event page.

We aren’t any sort of official organization.  We are just a bunch of women and women’s accomplices united by our solidarity with the kids who have ave been interned.  Last Tuesday we decided to start calling ourselves “Solidaridad con los niños.”  We stand in Solidarity with the Kids.

Already, we’re making plans and launching projects. Perhaps the central project is the National Call for Women and Women’s Accplices to meet and travel to the Kids Interment Camps and Related Facilities to hold peaceful vigil and with our physical presence put pressure on the powers that be to end the internment.  We take inspiration from the people

A caravan will depart from BFUU (1924 Cedar St, Berkeley) at 1pm on Sunday, July 1st.  We will divide into groups leaving for different destinations.  Some of the caravans will depart for local locations that are being set up as prison camps.  Others may wish to drive as far as Texas to hold peaceful vigil and sing songs outside the kids interment camps there.  Others may head to other destinations.  Please think about the length of journey you wish to make and join drivers headed to the spot that fits your needs and ability to commit.  To volunteer as a driver or learn more, please contact Hayley Steele at solidaridadconlosninos[at]gmail[dot]com or 213-663-0807.

  • An info session on the Berkeley caravan will be held on Thursday at 7pm.  More details here.
  • If you come at 10:30 on Sunday, you can join the BFUU community for their Sunday Service (it’s Unitarian).  Folks from that congregation will be bringing a potluck lunch to feed us and will be reading poems to send us off.  Also, at noon, before the caravans leave, folks will pause and dedicate the BFUU garden to Jim Beaty, longtime BFUU gardner and Food Not Bombs member, who passed away this spring.

To donate to fund the caravans (gas money, supplies, etc), please visit this page: Donate to the Caravans. All funds will go directly to the caravans’ expenses (gas money, supplies, tents, etc), and any left over money will be donated to RAICES, an amazing group doing legal work for the immigrants.

Even if you can’t make it out to caravans, you can show your support by donating a stuffed animal, Spanish-language children’s books with loving notes inside, or a cozy blanket you’ve knitted.  We don’t know if we’ll be able to get these comforting items inside to the children, but we are going to try.  Drop off your contributions at Jennywinks’ House at 1907 McGee Ave., in the large basket inside the front porch.  More details in this project may be found here.

Another great way to show solidarity with the kids is to post a video of yourself singing a lullaby or kids song in Spanish or another Latin American Language to social media with the hashtag #songsforninos.  This is a great way to spread awareness, and send a message of solidarity to the kids interned.  This project is being organized by Miss L, and more details can be found here.


Love and Solidarity with the kids,



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