They can arrest us, but they can’t stop us from wanting to bring care to the kids interned!

The truck full of toys we brought for the kids.

A lot of folks have been asking what happened on Sunday when we caravanned up to the facility in Fairfield where 12 of the children separated at the border are reportedly being held.  Other folks haven’t been asking because they saw exactly what happened on the evening news…

But before I get into that, though, well gosh, I hope everyone can make it out to the Caravan Planning Meeting this Thursday (July 5th) at 7pm at the New School daycare again (1606 Bonita Ave, Berkeley).  The goal is to discuss what happened Sunday, figure out what to do with the toys, and also plan the next caravan for hopefully July 15th. (Here is the facebook event page for Thursday’s meeting.)  Please do come on Thursday if you can!  Even if you can’t make it out to the next caravan, it’s always nice to have extra folks to help figure out what to do.  Maybe bring cookies or something if you want to.  Food is good.  Also, we’re in an even more dire situation than last week, as the administration is aiming to justify ignoring the 20-day limit on incarcerating children.  This isn’t over yet!

So, on Sunday…Goodness!

The long story short is: two of us were unexpectedly arrested on Sunday while trying to peacefully to deliver the toys at the Fairfield facility.

Here is a video and story that Tatiana Sanchez at the San Jose Mercury put together today about those who were arrested attempting to bring toys to the detained kids:

Bay Area residents arrested while bringing toys to migrant children

It was a very chaotic day.  I’m not sure but I think at one point Jimmywinks peed inside the Safeway we all went to to regroup after the arrests.  I was grateful for all the very strong people with us that day.

Liz and Jesse were both were set free before midnight, but the police are still holding Liz’s doll.  They took it down to the station. 😦
It’s a specialized infant training doll for her nursing practice 😦
She may be driving up to Fairfield to try and get the doll back soon—perhaps folks might want to join her in that as a carpool?

Also, the court date for both Liz and Jesse is set for 8:30am on July 30th in Fairfield.   That’s a Monday. If you can make it, court support is really huge! Let’s pack the courtroom and show the judge that it was wrong for them to be arrested for trying to bring toys and comfort to kids being held away from their parents!

Anyway, everyone was really brave on Sunday in the midst of two startling arrests and a bit of chaos.  I was really inspired that folks were able to keep singing throughout the experience of watching the arrests unfold.  Here’s a video the Mercury put together where you can hear it:

It was good to see the way so many different ideas people have brought up over the last few weeks for things we could do for the kids–lullabies, toys, caravans, visiting facilities–all came together at once on Sunday. I hope folks will keep bringing good ideas that can be woven into future caravans.  Also, I wonder if we want to put more signs and banners on our cars next time to raise attention?

Anyway, I hope there will be lots of folks there on Thursday at 7pm at the daycare at 1606 Bonita for for the planning meeting!  

Love and solidarity with the kids,

P.S. You might be interested to know that this coming weekend, the Impact Hub is running a 2-day long event on “Decolonizing our Activism.”  Here are the details on this event:

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