Join us for the July 15th caravan – or help in other ways!

Hello ladies and ladies’ accomplices,

A lot has happened since my last update.

On Sunday July 1st, Liz and Jesse were arrested while we were all singing and trying to peacefully deliver toys to kids separated from their parents at the border–a dozen are reportedly being held in Fairfield. The video I took of the arrest went viral on twitter I guess, and wow, people have been contacting me from all over the country.  Already we have groups inspired by us sprouting up in North Florida, Texas, Oklahoma.

Also, up in Fairfield, folks are putting together a town hall meeting to discuss what is going on with that facility.  It’s good to see some attention being directed towards that place.  The facility is run by BFCS, a nonprofit that has received more than $800 million from the federal gov’t to house migrant children since 2009.  The facility claims that none of the kids separated from their parents at the border are there, despite a channel 13 news report that says otherwise.

Last week, Erin Hannigan, the county’s Deputy Health and Social Services Director from Child Welfare Services, attempted to enter the Fairfeild BCFS facility but, like us, was bared from entering. I mean, what the heck is going on there right now?  Why wasn’t an elected county official allowed in?

Meanwhile, we’re all keeping our eyes on the national news. As of the last 24 hours:

In the words of the infinite screaming twitter robot:


— Endless Screaming ⚧ ☭ (@infinite_scream) July 11, 2018

This is a scary moment.  It seems quite clear that the administration is doing everything it can to extend the internment as long as possible.

The internment of migrants is a multi-billion dollar private industry, funded by taxpayers.

They are going to try to separate and intern more kids.  Why?  Because they don’t care, and because it makes them money, and because they can.

We have to stand up.

We have to stand in solidarity with the kids who are being interned.

This is a national call to action
for women and women’s accomplices
to join us on July 15th
and other upcoming Sundays
to caravan out to the kids internment camps and related facilities
to hold peaceful vigil until
the internment is put to an end
and every child is returned to their parents. 

More information about this may be found out on our website here. We hope folks in every city will organize a caravan.

 Here are some details about upcoming he Berkeley Caravan events:
  • Caravan planning meeting is this Thursday at 7-9pm at The New School Preschool (1606 Bonita) in Berkeley.  We’ll talk about where to go on Sunday, and also, should we put more banners on our cars this time? (facebook event page)
  • The Berkeley Caravan will leave from BFUU (1924 Cedar St) in Berkeley on July 15th at 1pm.  Please come an hour early for a potluck lunch.  Please come at 10:30 for the Sunday Service–it’s Unitarian.  We’ll be having a special Sunday Service on Immigration on the 15th.  (facebook event page)
  • Here is a poster you can print and distro about the July 15th caravan. Please spread the word far and wide.

If you cannot make it out to the July 15th caravan, there are a lot of other great ways to get involved.

In Berkeley, folks involved with this group are putting the following events together and are seeking more support and/or collaborators:
  • Craftivists 4 Ninos! On Wednesday July 18th at 3pm, come to the People’s Cafe (at Shattuck Square) in Berkeley for a planning meeting.  Come join Holly, and bring your yarn and knitting supplies! Folks will be planning an action that will take place on July 25th and that may involve public knitting! more info:
  • Noheyla is putting together a theatre piece centering the narratives of Latinx immigrants.  This is all coming together very quickly!  It will premiere at the Better World Festival in Berkeley on Sat. August 4th.  Right now she is looking for collaborators who are Latinx immigrants and family members of immigrants.  You will work together over the next 3.5 weeks to create the piece, weaving your stories into a transformative peace of public theatre. Here is an amazing poster you can print and distro about this project.  Please spread the word.  The first collaborators meeting is at University Press Books (2430 Bancroft) in Berkeley at 6:30 on Monday the 16th. More info:
  • Also, Terri has connected to us from out near Yosemite on the Merced River.  She wishes to turn the empty music studio on her property into a retreat center for migrant kids to come, be in nature for a week or two, and record music and make art.  Resham is working with Terri to help this vision move towards reality starting in August.  They could use a hand with learning about the permit process for creating a kids camp like this.  Resham is assembling a team of artists with child care training–more to come!  More info:

There are so, so many amazing things you can do!  Please step up and stand in solidarity with the kids!

If you’re struggling with information overload as more and more atrocities against migrant kids come to light in the news, I hope you come on Thursday and/or on Sunday.  Doing something is extremely therapeutic.  If you don’t live in Berkeley, plan a meeting where you are.  People will thank you for putting it together.  Meeting with others, talking, and supporting each other in taking action really helps!

Love and solidarity with the kids,


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