A New Way to Communicate with Each other

Hello Ladies and Ladies’ Accomplices,

It’s now been around a month since 6 women met in a backyard in Berkeley to talk about what is happening to immigrant families and to pledge our solidarity with the kids who are being interned.  Since then, we’ve held two caravans, one to Pleasant Hill, the other to Fairfield, to deliver toys and sing to the kids who are being held away from their parents.

As we make new plans, the need for a way to communicate swiftly with each other has arisen.  Yes, we have a facebook page, but many of our members are not on facebook.  Others folks in our group are anxious about online security.

That’s why I contacted a software collective in England who specialize in making super secure listservs.  They are called Aktivix, and they’ve agreed to host a listserv for us on their secure server running Sympa.

Don’t worry! The listserv is very easy to use! Once you’re signed up, you’ll be able to send an email out everyone on it instantly, using a single email address: solidaridadconlosninos@lists.aktivix.org

To sign up for the new Solidaridad con los niños listserv:
1) Go to https://lists.aktivix.org/mailman/listinfo/solidaridadconlosninos
2) Enter your email address and create a password
3) Click “submit”
4) Go to your inbox and find the confirmation email
5) Open the email and click the confirmation link

Once you’re signed up, you’ll be able to join in new rapid, fire conversation with everyone involved!

This is where we’ll plan new meetings, and share info about upcoming events and actions.

See you on the listserv!

Love and solidarity with the kids interned,

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