Donation Drive Today in Berkeley for Richmond ICE detainees (2-5pm)

Hi everyone!




We’re having a Donation Drive today from 2-5pm to bail out the Richmond ICE Detainees.  It will be at the New School Preschool (1606 Bonita Ave) in Berkeley!  Come on down!

Bring your smartphone and/or laptop if you can, and together we’ll call, email, and webpost everyone we can think of, encouraging them to donate and to raise awareness of this amazing fundraiser!

The Cheeseboard is donating heck of pizzas we can eat! (fresh from the oven!) Thank you Cheeseboard!


We did it! The Contra Costa County Sheriff has cancelled its contract with ICE, in large part thanks to the pressure created by constant protests.

But now we have to step up to help the 168 people who are being held in Richmond ICE! The sheriff has announced that in less than four months, these detainees will all be moved to other ICE facilities in other parts of the country. Many of the detainees have families and loved ones in the Bay Area, and to be moved like that that would tear them apart. But we can help!!

Freedom for Immigrants (formerly known as “Community Initiatives for Visiting Immigrants in Confinement”) is raising funds to pay the bail for every applicable person being held in Richmond ICE.

If we can raise these funds, every eligible person being held in Richmond ICE will be reunited with their families—as many as half of them are already eligible to be freed this way.

Last week, we bailed out our first detainee at $10,000. At that rate, we’re going to need at least $1,600,000 to bail everyone out. This means we’ve simply got to make this fundraiser go viral. And coming down in person is a huge way to do that! Let’s bring attention to this and help raise awareness that this is happening!

There will be pizzas graciously donated by the Cheeseboard. Thanks Cheeseboard!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Since bail money eventually is returned, Freedom for Immigrants will recycle all funds used for bail into paying more bail for future detained immigrants.

Additionally, some of the funds may be used to help familiy members with the cost of travel to visit loved ones who have been detained.

All funds will go directly to the Freedom for Immigrants Richmond ICE Bail Fund. You can also donate to them on their website here:

For the detainees who have been denied bail, Freedom for Immigrants will work directly with them to refer them to legal services that to help them become bail-eligible, and once that happens, Freedom for Immigrants will pay their bail,.

See you there!


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