call DHS and ORR to support asylum seekers and end the zero tolerance policy

Remind DHS and ORR That We Care About Separated Families

This week, the spectacle of government scandal is pulling attention away from the poor treatment of asylum-seekers and other migrants. But families are still being held, some in abusive and unsanitary conditions. We need them to know we’re still watching.

We don’t have a caravan planned for this week. Instead, we’re asking two things of you:

That you call the DHS and ORR, and that you ask at least one friend to do the same.

Thursday Aug 30th: Call DHS and ORR…with a Friend

Why Thursday? Well it doesn’t matter so much which day, but it will be most effective if we all call on the same day. But if you can’t call on Thursday, please still call!

Call with a Friend

The point of this is not to make the call at the same time and place as the friend (though you are certainly welcome to!). The idea is that we want to set aside some time this week to remember to

  1. have dialog with the people we know about family separation and detainment. Silence breeds neglect!
  2. move those conversations towards action they can take. It’s not enough to say, “what a shame!” People can act. A phone call is a small step, but sometimes that’s a great way to get people involved.

Of course, it would be even better if you can get more people to call! Go to a local rally or progressive group and hand these images printed as quarter sheets, for example.

call DHS and ORR to support asylum seekers and end the zero tolerance policy

Share this image with your friends when you invite them to call on Thursday

What to say when you call:

I’m [NAME] from [CITY and STATE], calling to ask you to support asylum-seekers and to end the zero-tolerance prosecution policy.

That’s all you need to say, but please feel free to add whatever you think would be most compelling. If you aren’t sure what you want to say, or are nervous about the call, it can help to write it out first. Or, discuss it with your friends! We welcome you to share your personal calling script on our Facebook event page.

The Department of Homeland Security Contact Number:

To call DHS: (202)282-8495

This is the comment line. You can leave a message at this number if no one answers.

The Office of Refugee Resettlement Contact Number:

ORR: (202) 401-9246

This is the general ORR number. If you get the answering machine and don’t want to get a call-back, you don’t have to leave you number, but at least to call and register your  strong disapproval of the current state of affairs.

Put the Call in Your Calendar so You Won’t Forget

Remember, Friday begins a holiday weekend for many people. That’s why we planned for Thursday. If you will be traveling this weekend, make extra sure you plan the time to make your phone call. Put it in your calendar so you don’t forget.

It may be wise to plan some time in your calendar to discuss with your friend(s) what to say in your call.

If you use Facebook or Google Calendar, you can set a reminder to call:

Remind Yourself and Your Friends with our Facebook Invite and Google Calendar Event



Art in this post is “To Immigrants with Love” by Roger Peet for JustSeeds

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