We shut down Richmond ICE. Now let’s help the detainees get home.

As you may have heard, the ICE facility in Richmond, CA was closed in July thanks to constant protests. Unfortunately, this meant that the 169 people being detained in Richmond ICE had to be moved to other facilities, far from their families and legal support teams.

A amazing nonprofit called Freedom for Immigrants has been running fundraiser that goes directly towards paying the bails of those who were in Richmond ICE the day it was closed. Here is a link to that fundraiser.

Thanks to fundraising efforts, we’ve been able to bail 33 people out so far! That’s 33 families that have been reunited thanks to everyone who has donated!  If we can generate steam, we can surely bail out the remaining 136!

Freedom for Immigrants is a 501c3 nonprofit, and, since it’s bail, all the bail funds are eventually returned and can be recycled to help bail out others who have been detained by ICE. The funds also help with grants for the families of immigrants who have not yet reached bail eligibility – these grants directly fund the visits of family members, and often result in an acceleration of the legal efforts on the detainee’s behalf.

Thank you for any and all support of this great fundraiser and cause!
May we raise the funds to liberate the rest of the Richmond ICE 169!
And may ICE detention soon be a thing of the past!

Here’s the link to the fundraiser’s webpage: https://www.freedomforimmigrants.org/community-fund
And the link to the facebook version of the fundraiser: https://www.facebook.com/donate/1072568756223562/

Thank you, everyone, for helping getting the word out about this!

Love & Solidarity,

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