The Berkeley Caravan

Caravans will leave berkeley on many sundays at 1pm
to the kids internment camps
and related sites
until the internment comes to an end

The next one is scheduled for july 15th
from BFuu (1924 Cedar streEt)

Our aim is to hold peaceful vigil in solidarity with the kids who have interned–both with and away from their families. We will sing songs and bring hand-written notes and bring stuffed animals and books that people have offered in solidarity with kids.  We hope others will join our call to hold vigils at kids internment camps and related sites across the country.  With our physical, peaceful presence, let’s show how much we care for these kids. We are ready to hold a constant physical presence outside these facilities to put continuous pressure on the powers that be to ensure the internment is put to an end.  We also are concerned about migrant kids who are being held in prison-like orphanages and related facilities across the country, some for years without end in sight.

Caravan Info Meeting – Thu, july 12

  • When: Thursday June 28th, 7pm
  • Where: The New School Preschool, 1606 Bonita Ave in Berkeley
  • What: To discuss & prepare for the caravan leaving on Sunday

July 15th caravan

  • A Caravan will depart from Berkeley on July 15st at 1pm
    • departing from Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists (1924 Cedar St) on Sunday July 1st at after the Sunday Service (around 1pm).
    • If you come an hour early (at noon) there will be a potluck celebrating the caravans, and also celebrating the dedication of the BFUU garden to Jimmy Beaty.  Please come at noon to join in and break bread together before we head out!
    • If you come at 10:30am you can attend the BFUU Sunday Service.  On July 15th there will be a special service on immigration.  They are excited to support us, and will share half of the funds collected during the Sunday with the caravans to fund our gas money and supplies!
    • To learn more and join this caravan please contact Samara Hayley Steele solidaridadconlosninos[at]gmail[dot]com, 213-663-0807.
      • If Hayley doesn’t respond right away (sorry, she’s a been swamp with calls of support, which is really wonderful!!), here is a short video explaining more about the July 1st caravan. Also, she will be at the meeting on Thursday at 7pm at 1606 Bonita.
    • Where will we go?
      • We will be heading different directions. Some folks may be headed as far as Texas.  But others to a more local location (1-2 hours journey).  It is important to be ready for the destination to change based on the way things unfold in the hours leading up to the caravan’s departure.
    • What to bring:
      • Snacks and water for the full day
      • notes in solidarity with the kids interned, plus toys and books that you wish to get to them
      • (optional) tents & additional gear.  Please be prepared though for the gear to get damaged – if you love your tent, get a used one from the thrift store for this

Things we will do once we reach the internment camps and related sites:

  • Sing lullabies en mass in Spanish and English and also Latin American Regional Dialects.
  • Attempt to deliver toys and books in Spanish to the kids!!
  • Light candles, hold signs, hold vigils
  • Sing-ins, pray-ins, teach-ins
  • Let’s hold constant pressure with our physical presence upon the powers that be to release these kids, return them to their families, and end this heinous policy!
  • Note: After some consideration, we won’t be doing any “cry-ins” or things that might upset the kids. We are there to be a comforting presence: to do all we can to show them they are loved & to keep the pressure on for their release.

Can’t make it to the berkeley caravan? OTHER THINGS YOU CAN DO

Perhaps you can’t attend a caravan.  Here are some other great ways to help this effort and show your solidarity with the kids who have been interned:


Let’s come together to bring comfort and support to the kids who have been interned.  Let’s hold vigil, showing constant physical presence outside these facilities to put continuous pressure on the powers that be to ensure the internment is put to an end.

Thank you for your solidarity with the kids who have been interned! Muchas gracias por su solidaridad con los niños!

We are not an official organization, just women and womens’ accomplices organizing to bring comfort to these kids and get them out of the internment camps, stop the internments, and also get the kids who have been separated back with their families as soon as possible. Please join in solidarity with the kids!

This is an omni-partisan call to action.  We invite everyone to stand in solidarity with the kids.

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