List of Kids Internment Camps

The first step to organizing a caravan is to find out where to go.  There are thousands of children who have been taken, and the government is spreading them all over the country. Thus, this is not only an issue for citizens who live near the border. The first detainment center we heard about in the news was located in Pennsylvania!  Note that the children are not necessarily at detainment centers, many are sent to foster homes and orphanages.

We aren’t actively researching nationwide detention centers, because our primary goal is to act locally, and encourage others to do the same. But of course we want to share with you what little we’ve been able to dig up.

But First! A Call to Action

If someone has experience with Wikipedia, it would be great to get a list like this one, but for children’s detainment centers. That would be relatively easy to mash up with Google maps, allowing people to search Google for the nearest location. Please get in touch if you want to assist with that.

Some Locations Kids Are Being Detained in the US

The best list of children’s detention centers we’ve found so far is from The Washington Post.  Check their list here:

Here is the list of Kids Internment Camps we’ve compiled so far:



Also, here is the general list of ICE facilities – if there isn’t a kids camp near you, you may want to instead go to one of those.

Please help us grow this list! You can email locations to be added to Hayley (

If you are looking for an adult that has been detained by ICE, here is a handy resource: