Freedom for Immigrants Collecting Bail

Here are some other great projects our organizers hope you will consider supporting:

Help Bail Out the Detainees Still Being Held at Richmond ICE

Freedom for Immigrants is an amazing nonprofit that is running a project to raise funds to help bail out the ICE detainees who qualify for bail at the Richmond ICE facility.

As you may have heard, the Contra Costa County sheriff has ended the ICE contract there due to protests (yay, we did it!!), but now that means that the 169 people being held there as ICE detainees will be moved to other facilities, likely out of state, unless they are bailed out, or their charges are dropped before the 4-month deadline that the sheriff has set. Many of the detainees have families in the area, and it would be devastating for them to be separated like that.

Freedom for Immigrants is an amazing nonprofit that has put together the West County Detention Center Community Fund to help.  They are looking to raise $500,000.  This may seem like a lot, but this is 169 people we’re talking about.

These funds will go directly towards paying the bail of all Richmond ICE detainees who qualify for bail (around half of them), and for those who don’t, it will help support their legal services (unlike citizens, immigrants don’t get access to a public defender). Any left over funds will be used to help support their families’ travel expenses in visiting them if they are moved out of state. Also, since bail money is eventually returned, returned bail funds will be recycled back towards helping future immigrants with legal services.

Please help spread the word about this amazing project, and donate if you are able!

Shutting down ICE in Contra Costa County was a huge victory! Let’s make sure it doesn’t lead to families being separated in four months by supporting the efforts to pay all applicable ICE detainees’ bail before the sheriff’s deadline!