Ways to Help

Share a Video to Promote this Movement

Here’s a fun, easy way to support the kids who have been taken: record a short video for the #songs4ninos hashtag.

Print and Distribute Flyers to Promote a Caravan

It would be great to pass out flyers about the next caravan. Great to pass out at churches, union meetings,  or protests. Pass them out instead of business cards. Take flyers to the next march you attend and make friends. Here are some materials you can print and distribute. Just make sure to update the flyer with the date of the next one!

Call Foster Agencies where Migrant Kids are Being Kept

Call foster agencies to put pressure on for them to return these kids to their families, and so the kids don’t get lost in the system!

Street Theatre protests!

Plan a Meeting in Your Town

Once you have a sense of the nearest location, and you have a handful of people who are willing to travel there, it’s time to plan a caravan meeting of your own. This is one of the most powerful things you can do, because it is direct action. But it’s best to have a general organizing meeting before you set off. Here’s a page with details of how to organize a caravan to the nearest kids detainment center.

Research Kids’ detention centers near you

If you’re adept at Wikipedia, it would be great if someone could start a page like this, but for the places children are being held. If we had such a page, we have a coder who could mash it up with Google maps, so any person could easily find their nearest kids’ detainment location. Here We have gathered a little bit of research we’ve done (list of kids internment camps) that you can use to start your Wikipedia page, but it is nowhere near exhaustive.

Places to donate money or resources

Donate money to Support the Berkeley Caravan

Donate resources to the Berkeley Caravan

While we appreciate those who want to donate to us, currently we feel the most effective place to donate is to Freedom for Immigrants West County Detention Center Community Fund. The reason this is vital is that if parents can’t pay their court fees, often they are detained longer than necessary, and may even be moved out of state. Thus, if we are to return these children to their parents, it is important that their parents aren’t moved out of state with no way to get in touch with their children! More info on Freedom for Immigrants and their bail support.