Plan a meeting

The way we’ve organized meetings in the SF Bay Area has been like this:
– We are sure to sit in a circle so everyone can see each other
– We start the meeting by going around and having everyone say who they are and why they care. Some people may cry, others may get angry. That’s fine. It’s great if everyone can hold space for each other’s differing emotions about what is happening.
– Next, there are a number of topic you might discuss together, such as “What has everyone heard about migrant kids being held locally?” “What sort of actions need to happen?” It’s good if someone can keep stack (so if someone raises their hand, the stack-keeper writes their name down, and once the person who is speaking is done, the next person who is on the list speaks.
– After the open discussion, go around the room and have everyone say one thing they’d like to do to help.
– End the meeting with announcements about up coming things different group members have organized.