The Lullaby Project: #songs4niños

When the Berkeley caravan goes to the facilities where kids are being detained, we sing Spanish lullabies. It is our hope that these echoes will reach the children who wait imprisoned. You, too, can bring attention to our efforts through song.

A Call to Action to record yourself
singing a KIDS’ SONG
in Spanish or another Latin American Language
and to SHARE IT WITH THE HASHTAG #songs4ninos

Here’s an easy way to spread awareness and show solidarity with the kids who have been interned, and are still being interned, some of them with and others without their parents. We ask for your help in bringing a little ray of sunshine to the interned children’s lives by singing a lullaby in Spanish or another Latin American Language and sharing it with the hashtag #songs4ninos.

Lullaby project coordinator: Miss L, the library lady
Contact her at: Miss.L4ninos[at]gmail[dot]com

Do you remember the first lullaby that was sung to you? How did it make you feel? For Miss L, her first lullaby came from her aunt in Guatemala. It was called “El Señor don gato” / “Mr. Cat.” And this was sung to her aunt by her grandmother. Let’s show our kids that we care. Let’s remember our own childhood and the comfort that we felt. The kids need us. Remember, we are all they have. Thank you for your solidarity! Muchas gracias por su solidaridad con los niños!

How to Record Your Lullaby for the Lullaby Project

  1. Record yourself singing a children’s song in Spanish or another Latin American Language.  How about singing your favorite Disney song in Spanish? Or find a Spanish translation of your favorite lullaby
  2. You can load the video of yourself singing directly onto our facebook page, or use whatever video platform works best for you (YouTube, Vimeo, etc).
  3. Share the link on social media using the hashtag #songs4ninos! Adding any of these additional hashtags will help draw attention to your video: #KeepFamiliesTogether #Resist #StopTheHate #immigrationReform #HereToStay #Not1More #immigrants
  4. Be sure to share the link to this website, so they know what it’s all about. is a shorter link that will come here. It also helps to share your own thoughts on why you are participating, but in a pinch just the link will do.

Thank you for using your voice to sing truth to those in power.

This is an omni-partisan call to action.  We invite everyone to stand in solidarity with the kids.

May our unique voices come together to remind everyone of the power and beauty of song.

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